NuStat® products are designed for Acute Care, OR and Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) use. It features an X-Ray detectable marker for maximum traceability.

NuStat Trauma Pad® XR

NuStat Trauma Pad® XR is a versatile advanced Hemostatic Device. It has been sized and designed specifically to combat the challenges of operative wounds and traumatic bleeding.

NuStat Flex® XR

Designed, sized, and packaged for surgical and trauma environments. Flexible component conforms to anatomy and provides compression.

Products used across the public safety market, including first responders (Military, Police, Fire Fighters, EMS), as well as any/all public and private facilities & locations.

NuStat® OTC

Sized and packaged specifically for public safety (industrial, sports, home, schools, workplace, recreation, travel).

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