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Beeken Biomedical receives MDSAP (ISO 13485:2016) Certification

As of July 13th 2023, Beeken Biomedical is MDSAP (ISO 13485:2016) Certified. Click here to see certification.

KitoTech Medical Inc. Launches Wound Repair Kit to Stop Bleeding and Close Wounds for Consumers

KitoTech Medical has introduced a new product to consumers, microMend® 2-in-1 Wound Repair Kit, that combines its microMend® wound closure device with Beeken Biomedical’s hemostatic dressing, NuStat®, to stop bleeding. Both microMend and NuStat products are widely used by physicians and hospitals to treat wounds. The 2-in-1 Wound Repair Kit represents the first expansion of […]

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Proud Sponsor of the Boston Bruins

  Beeken Biomedical is a proud sponsor of the Boston Bruins! If you saw us on the ice at TD Garden, you can get 10% off your next NuStat OTC order by using the coupon code:  BRUINS10

Beeken Biomedical Featured at the Warrior Ice Arena

Beeken Biomedical Receives FDA Class II Clearance for Temporary Internal Use

Beeken Biomedical recently received FDA Class II Clearance for Temporary Internal Use on the NuStat Hospital Product Line. You can view the letter and summary here.

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