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NuStat family of products – Not just a gauze, it's a Technology for Rapid Bleeding Control

Beeken Biomedical's NuStat® family of products are designed with the patented Hemafiber Technology™. This technology is comprised of a comprehensive matrix of hemostatic clotting fibers that work synergistically to accelerate clot formation. The activation of the clotting cascade is accelerated because EVERY fiber in NuStat has hemostatic properties, thus giving it the power needed to initiate immediate hemostasis.

  • Available in different sizes for a wide range of hemorrhaging injuries resulting from trauma
  • Requires no preparation – Use straight from the package to patient
  • Unlike other products, it contains no coatings or biologics that can be washed away or left behind
  • NuStat Tactical
    NuStat Tactical rapidly controls bleeding allowing for quick stabilization and transport of the patient.
  • NuStat Flex
    NuStat Flex is made with a blend of highly effective, non-impregnated, cellulose and silica based hemostatic fibers.
  • NuStat XR
    NuStat XR effectively stops challenging bleeding, and is now X-ray detectable.