NuStat Flex™

  • Safe, effective hemostatic compression dressing
  • Ideally suited for surgical and traumatic injuries to large external surfaces
  • Unique design – Compression & Hemostasis all in one dressing
  • Conforms to the target wound area, allowing for easy application
  • Proven durability – won't tear when wrapped
  • It's comprehensive matrix of hemostatic clotting fibers work synergistically to accelerate clot formation
  • Hemostasis maintained with stable clot formation1,2
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Ordering Information

  Size Dressing Per Box Order Number
4" x 4" 10 NF-0404
4" x 8" 10 NF-0408
12" x 12" 10 NF-1212
3" x 48" 10 NF-0348
4" x 48" 10 NF-0448
6" x 60" 10 NF-0660

To order NuStat Flex™, please contact our Customer Support Team at 888.497.7376.

1. Hilis, G. BME DO; Yi, C. J., DO; Amrani, D. L. PhD, FAHA,FAIMBE; Akers, T. W., DO; Schwartz, R, MD,FACEP; Wedmore, I, MD, FACEP, FAWM, DiMM; McManus, J. G., MD, MBA, MCR, FACEP, FAAEM. (2014) Evaluation of NuStat Tactical™, a Novel Nonimpregnated Hemostatic Dressing, Compared With Combat Gauze in Severe Traumatic Porcine Hemorrhage Model, Journal of Special Operations Medicine, 14(4), 41-47.

2. ROTEM Study – Data on File